Online video at the top of the food chain says Blogworld CEO

The following comments are excerpted from and interview with Blogworld CEO Rick Calvert. Rick commented on the increasing role of online video in the Blog world and and where the industry is going.

According to Rick “Where are we in the evolution of new media?  Answer still in its infancy.  New media is a baby, and still has a lot of growing to do.  To that end, he says–and this is my favorite quote from the entire interview–”If you look at traditional media, video is at the top of the food chain.  So, eventually video will be at the top of the food chain for new media.  The only reason it isn’t yet, is that video is the toughest medium to master.”  Amen, brother.  Video is going to be the dominant new media format; it’s kind of inevitable.  We’re just still figuring out how to master it, from creation to promotion and search.

We’re all going to be multimedia content producers.” Most of us who create video content, for example, also create ancillary content to go along with it such as a blog or a twitter feed–we do this, in part, because it helps that video content to be found by the search engines.  And even though video is getting easier for search engines to find, Calvert is quick to remind us that content consumers are still varied and diverse.  Some like text.  Some prefer photos.  Some are into podcasts, while still others seek out video.  Video on television and in movie theaters didn’t kill print or radio, and it’s not likely to kill other forms of new media either.  So, in a way, he’s saying that “new media” will almost certainly end up meaning “all media.”

His comments were captured at a recent Blog World expo. According to Calvert: it is the largest new media event in the world.  It jumped from 2200 attendees last year to over 3500 this year, and the reason is the high percentage of new media thought leaders that attend, speak, and exhibit there.

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