Thinking outside of the box: online video strategies that work!


A common phrase heard in boardrooms and among C-Suite Executives is the ever present  entreaty to “think outside of the box.”

Yet when it comes to creating online video content to communicate the company brand, most often the examples that are proposed are fairly conventional. So a dose of thinking outside of the box, should be deployed when planning your next online video campaign.

To start the process, simply imagine have a camera recording literally every, event, meeting, conversation, and customer interaction with you business. There is a potential gold mine of video content that can be utilized to communicate the “intangibles” of your business or service online. Rather than focusing on “features and benefits” consider focusing on aspects of your company or product that constitute your “brand personality”, and can begin to draw people in to your conversation. Remember that when you communicate, you are always sending messages to an “internal” as well as an “external” audience. While the central focus of online video content is most often dedicated to reaching new customers, its also vital to reinforce your message with current customers, and your employees.

So think outside of the box. Imagine a video camera recording every possible business moment, no matter how mundane. Take advantage of opportunities that can facilitate a personal connection. And remember that while you need to communicate to potential customers, you also must consider you current customers, and don’t forget the people who make you company work: your employees.

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About stratdv

An Award winning independent video editor, shooter, and creative producer with over 10 years in the field of corporate video production. “My goal is to serve my clients, be flexible, responsive, and provide video content that is truly reflective of their vision and mission.” More than a shooter or editor, I'm an MBA grad with a marketing communications and sales background, and a diverse work history, having served in higher education as well as high tech. I bring a consultative business understanding to my engagements with clients. I've consulted and produced video projects that have been used by Alcoa Corporation, AOL, Domino's Pizza, IBM, Sodexo, NRTC, and a host of other companies and non-profits since 1999. Additionally, my work has garnered national attention, I'm a two time Telly Award winner, and W3 award recipient by IAVA (International Academy of Visual Arts). I feel the most effective way forward in my business model is to "team" with my client, and help them effectively and cogently communicate with video. Web video is the most powerful and cost effective medium to advance your message on the market. Samples of my work can be viewed at my website, there is also some information about me and the facilities I have available for studio production in Annapolis. References are available on request. Additionally, I have a blog regarding online video trends and technology, that may be of interest:
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